Project head: TheBusride Design Studio

Channel [V] decided to create their own new studio in a derelict warehouse in Saki Naka (an industrial suburb of Bombay). We were asked to re-design the entire building so as to reflect their eccentric brand identity. Since budgets were tight and the building enormous, we decided to draw out simple plans and insteadĀ upgrade material finishes and surface treatments going with large murals both inside and outside. Since the empty studio spaces required elaborate sets for even small shoots, every space in the facility (like the make-up rooms, toilets, outdoor areas) was designed to double-up as a shooting or backdrop location. As a result, most of the spaces were themed with special narratives about everything in them. We also created a number of outdoor venues like the amphitheatre and terrace sit-outs in addition to a complete over-haul of the interior space.

The warehouse when we found it


Mural on an entire exterior wall surface

Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Proposed First Floor Plan

The amphitheatre under construction

The amphitheatre under construction

The amphitheatre after the first rains

The amphitheatre re-painted for a shoot

Plan for the front compound wall and entrance gate

Compound wall and gate under construction

First floor terrace sit-out

Mural on staircase landing

Mural on staircase landing

Small upgrades in material finishes and surface treatments

Make-up rooms (above) and lounge (below)


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