Project head: TheBusride Design Studio

The design for the farm house at Alibaug was developed based on a very straight forward brief from the client. She wanted less building and more outdoor usable space. The entire site was to be designed to host large outdoor parties. The pool was to be a central feature and every room designed in proximity to it such that it (the pool) was always part of the house. Our first response to the brief was to imagine the house as a series of pavilions. The long house option was drawn with pavilions scattered around a central pool. The house itself was always one room deep having the pool to one side and a dense landscape on the other. Spaces were sunk into the ground to bring the pool water at the level of the sill. Rooms took the form of pavilions at various levels. Spaces were extended beyond their enclosures by introducing sky-lit landscaped courtyards around the house. The project is currently beyond the working drawings stage.

A long site

Sketches exploring the relationship of room and water

The long house


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