Project head: TheBusride Design Studio

The Mocha at Lokhandwala is located on a large, second floor terrace of a commercial complex. The entire second floor is the Sykz gym. So this was an open-to-sky terrace located outside a gym; it had to feel healthy: fresh, light, and airy. It required us to re-invent an already well-established Mocha brand. We changed two things. First, we did away with all the dark, saturated colors and heavy textures that Mocha had been so strongly associated with. We decided to use a lot of natural colors; lots of greens and flowering plants, stone, wood with natural stains, and cane furniture. Our only use of saturated color was contained to blues and greens. All this came together in a white mocha, with only accents of color. Second, we wanted to bring in a lot more rigour into the making of furniture and lighting objects which were usually sourced from shops all over India. We worked with a small group of cane craftsmen to create these objects. The place has an interesting day-to-night transition, with the woven and leashed objects being sun-lit in the day and then emitting dull glows at night.

The second floor terrace site

A white Mocha with few accents of color

A white Mocha with few accents of color

Sun-lit in the day

Dull glows at night

String lamps

Pavilions in cane: day and night

Woven cane partition (left) and Bar (right) under construction

Bar at night

Accents of saturated color at the bar

Klimt re-discovered in murals and signage


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